Thursday, April 14

Gardens of Time Cheats on Facebook

Playdom makes some of the most popular online Flash games around, including Wild Ones, ESPNU College Town, City of Wonder, Social City, Bola, Market Street, Sorority Life, Mobsters, World Series of Poker and Deep Realms brings to you Gardens Of Time [click to play Gardens of Time].

You take the wheel of time and go back into time. The main idea of the game is that you have to hunt for items. Pretty simple yea? Build more buildings to gain reputation points allowing you to travel to more places around the world.

The simple cheat is that you can easily pause the timer when searching for the items, so that you gain the maximum Time Bonus.

  1. Enter Gardens of Time. [click to play Gardens of Time]
  2. Open Cheat Engine (select plugin-container in process list if you are a Firefox user, chrome.exe if you are a Chrome user)
  3. Play any scene of your choice.
  4. When you are ready to search for the items, just Enable Speedhack and set value to 0.
  5. Now, notice when you click on the CORRECT items, you will hear a sound. Just click all the 6 items then set the speedhack value back to 1 and you will gain Max Time Bonus points.
  6. Do NOT spam your clicks as you will get a 5 second penalty (to continue the penalty, you need to disable the speedhack)
  7. This is a no-brainer cheat, so if anyone can't figure this out, you really shouldn't be cheating.



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