Wednesday, March 23

Salon Street Coin Cheat


  1. [Play Salon Street]
  2. Open Charles
  3. Serve a customer and wait till the customer pays the cashier. You will see +X coins. (the higher the X value, the better the cheat will work for you)
  4. Now look in Charles, for the line ""  X can be any digit.
  5. Expand it all the way till you see a lot of gateway.php...
  6. Click on the request tab to find for the line "Game.serveCustomers"  (watch video if you cant find this line, to see what it is located)
  7. Once you found it, right click this gateway.php and select Repeat Advanced
  8. 10000 iterations and 30 concurrency. 
  9. Purchase an item then refresh the game to see your new coins.
  10. It will not be much so maybe you will want to increase your iterations. 5x10000 = 50000 only.
  11. Have fun.


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