Sunday, October 7

Pet Society - Mega Database

    Cheat Includes:
    • 49day battery
    • cash wig dyes
    • rare items no longer for sale
    • and MORE!
    1. Download File from the links above.  pet society cheats
    2. Use WINRAR to extract all the databases out.
    3. Open fiddler. pet society cheats
    4. Go to the Autoresponder tab and ensure both  "Ensure automatic...." and "Unmatched requests...." are both ticked.
    5. To make it simple, just drag all the files into the Autoresponder tab.
    6. Note: For the 3 fish_actions, Fruit_actions and Poo_actions files, you will need to use the following rule to get it to work: REGEX:(?insx).*vCTRu7wSrm$ 
    7. Clear browser cache.  (Shift+Ctrl+Del for chrome users)
    8. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
    9. Visit the OUTDOOR SHOP and Collaborative items and have fun shopping for all the items!


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