Friday, March 11

Pet Society // Easy Mode DB version 2150.3


EzDig includes dig fast, fish fast. fast cleaning, all dirty pets, one click autoharvesting, nojunk/nothrowbacks fast fishing, use neighbor's dye tables,

EzLevel for fast leveling. (You get more paw points cleaning your neighbor's pets)

UPDATE by Zoey: Now you can clean and gain points faster.  You do NOT have to pick up the soap now. Just click and hold on the pet and it cleans them very, very quickly.

However, ya know how the game will save fail if you clean too fast without doing anything else in between?

So Zoe has forced more frequent autosaves. But we are unsure if anything would happen from this additional force-saves so do comment and let us know if the game lags or if the autosaves is working great and you do not get save-fail often.

Note: You may need to send 1-2 failed digs at the cash digging area since Playfish seems to hate us if we dig all 5 cash items out. This helps to reduce the rate of 24hour suspension. 


Basically, when you enter a digging land, those plots that has been dug = treasures. Do NOT keep clicking on such plots as we want to simulate digging failure. So you can still utilize all the free cash digs. Just remember to go to the coins digging area and send some failed digs.

To reduce the 24 hours suspension, just follow my instructions and dont be too greedy. If you are afraid, do more stuff in between digs to be much much safer. If you don't want to follow or too lazy to read what I wrote, then just enjoy the 24 hours suspension. :
  1. Download the files above.
  2. Open Fiddler.
  3. Go to Autoresponder and ensure both 'Enable Automatic.. ' and 'Permit pass...' are ticked
  4. Click ADD.
  5. A 'String To Match' will appear. change it to
  6. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save and select 'Browse a file'.
  7. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select the file you just downloaded from me 'pets21xx.x-ezdig.swf'     / ezlevel.swf
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Now, just clear cache and load Pet Society.
  10. Now just enter digging land and have fun...



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