Saturday, December 29

Ninja Saga Cheats // Damage Hack

Credits: EX

Tested and Working.

  1. Download required files above. Use winRAR to extract the cheat folder.
  2. Open Fiddler.
  3. Drag all the files you downloaded into the Autoresponder tab.
  4. Make sure "Enable auto...." and "Unmatched request...." are both checked.
  5. Enter Ninja Saga.
  6. Go to PET SHOP
  7. Select only the first line "Ten Tail Jinchurichi Mod" and click BUY.
  8. Now go to your profile. You should see GODLIKE stats. Go fight and win all your fights now.
  9. Have fun! The cheat may bug out but the fight will be SAVED. SO fight all the fights that you cannot win.  


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