Wednesday, March 16

Nighclub City Money Cheat

Credits: Bestkiller

1-Enter Nightclub city [click to play nightclub city]
2-open Cheat Engine
3-Select the web browser you using in process list (plugin-container.exe for firefox)
4- Search for 1200000
5- Select all the addresses and click on the red arrow.
6- All the addresses will appear in the table below. Select all the addresses and right click > Change Record, change the value to 1 and click OK.
7- Go to the redecorate , go to the last page (the dancing man icon) and you will find items Gina and Tina only costing 1 coin (see image below if you dont know how Tina, Gina looks like)
8- buy 5 (u can buy as many you want)
9- Exit the redecorate , go back to cheat engine & change the values from 1 to 990000000
10 Go back into redecorate , go back to the items Gina, Tina and you will find that they cost 990000000 now.
11 Important: Drag them into the Cashier to sell. 2,320,400,040 is the max amount and after that it will go negative and the game will NOT save. You have been warned. Do NOT be greedy.



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