Thursday, March 17

My Shops Cheats - Exp and Coins cheat

  1. [Click to play My Shops]
  2. Open Charles
  3. Click on the Friends tab at the bottom so you can see all your friends/neighbors
  4. If you have not visited them before, they will have an icon above them.
    Crate icon = Find the crate = Money
    Janitor icon = Clean the street = EXP
    There are ambulance and robber icons too. Works the same way.
  5. Click on those icons and help them out.
  6. Look in Charles, and you should see the line ""
  7. Expand it and you will see a few 'bridge.php'
  8. Select the last bridge.php and click on the 'response tab'

  9. You should see something like this screenshot. It has to be a reward.php..... at the last line.
  10. If you don't see this, click on other bridge.php till you find something pretty similar.
  11. Now right click the bridge.php and select "Repeat Advance"
  12. 2000 iterations 30 concurrency will get you ALOT of coins and exp. Do NOT be greedy.
  13. Once done, you should buy some items to save the game and refresh. The coins and exp will be saved.


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