Saturday, March 19

The Likability of Angry Birds

As a fan of Angry Birds, I was quite amused at this comic drawn by the OatMeal. I remembered playing Angry Birds when the free version was first released. 5 levels and I would just keep playing it till I got all 3 stars. It's also the first AppStore app that I purchased and I would say it's a good buy. Anyway, for those who plays Angry Birds, I am sure you will agree the boomerang bird is a 'piece of shit' quoting OatMeal. That bird sucks!

He has kindly shared high-res version of his digital drawn Angry Birds, which you can download here. [Download High-Res Angry Birds Images to flick them at your sister. or brother]

Also, don't forget this game is coming to Facebook very soon!

More funny comics at [The OatMeal]



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