Thursday, March 17

Gourmet Ranch Cheats - Coin Money and EXP cheat


Watch the video tutorial below if you cant follow the simple steps.

1. enter Gourmet Ranch [click to play Gourmet Ranch]

2. Open cheat engine 

3.Select the web browser you using in process list (plugin-container.exe for firefox)

4.go to Decorative > buy 5 pcs of Petunias (flowers) and place it in your ranch.

5.Click the Move Tool and select the Store icon tool and place 1 Petunias in your storage barn  (open your storage barn to see your item)

6. In C.E. NEW scan 1, then go back to your Ranch and place another Petunias in your barn

7.NEXT Scan 2 > Repeat the steps until you get 1 address remaining.

8. Double click the address so it appears in the Edit Table.

9.Change the value to 999999999

10.Now store the remaining Petunuia and check the your storage barn. You should see 100000000 of it.

11.Sell all the items and purchase an item to save the game. Refresh it and you will still be rich. Have fun.

12.For exp cheat buy as many Water Tower(gives 2k+ exp) as you want in the



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