Friday, March 11

Farmville English Countryside

After the hugely popular Farmville, Frontierville and Cityville, Zynga is releasing their latest game 'Farmville English Countryside' soon.

In FarmVille English Countryside, players travel with an English duke back to his homeland where the village farms have fallen into disrepair. They’ll receive new land to apply their expert farming skills and get the English farm ship shape. FarmVille English Countryside will also feature

• All-new crops and buildings
• New activities like sheep breeding
• Local characters to guide play
• Premium English soil allowing faster crop mastery

The delay in releasing this game could be due to them patching most of the usual loopholes which cheaters attempt to abuse to get ahead in the game. Given their reputation in patching cheats quickly, we can only hope the developers are lazy and did a slip-shod work of the programming.



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