Monday, March 21

Coffee Bar Savable Cash Cheat

Credits: BestKiller
  1. Enter Coffee Bar [play coffee bar]
  2. Open
  3. Make a coffee but DO NOT SERVE the coffee
  4. Now look in Charles, you should see "" expand it , & expand "coffebar-live" , then expand "amfphp"
  5. Right click amfphp and select
  6. Now, you can click on the coffee that is ready and serve it.
  7. A breakpoint tab will
  8. Click on  Edit request , then AMF , go down you should see "incremental" Expand
  9. Change the POINTS to CASH and put any value you want. (not too much, dont be greedy)
  10. Go back to the game, you will not see the CASH, but refresh the game and you will see it. 
  11. Watch the video. Steps are very clear!



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