Tuesday, March 29

CityVille - How to collect a lot of hardware without friends

Thanks to giwrgos mark for additional links.

  1. Use either firefox or chrome and enter your Main facebook account
  2. Click the images below to request for the hardware.
  3. Click each images about 10 times to collect 10 of each.
  4. You should now have a lot of tabs open. 
  5. Select your SECONDARY facebook account in the "Select Friends" list. Do NOT click Send Help Request yet.
  6. Select the Secondary facebook account for ALL the tabs, then now you can click "Send Help Request" for ALL the tabs.
  7. Click Send for all the tabs too.
  8. Now, log into your Secondary facebook account and you should see all the requests.
  9. Click on each request ONE at a time, (Or you can use the GrabAllGifts bookmarklet that i recommended before - GrabAllGifts link)
  10. Now, all the items will be sent to your main account. Have fun! 
Note: If your secondary account does not appear in your friend list, check that he is your fren first. or you may have sent that account an item in the last 24hours, so wait for a new day before using the cheat or you can add another spare account. 


Police Items // 


-  http://apps.facebook.com/cityville/request.php?itemName=material_hard_hat&requestType=municipal_material_hard_hat&overlayed=true





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