Wednesday, April 6

Pet Society // Garden Trick

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]: 
//updated April 2011

  • Download required files [download] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting. 
  • Fiddler[download][How to use Fiddler]
  • Firefox/Chrome
  1. Download GardenTrick database
  2. Open fiddler and replace database.dat with the downloaded database.dat file. The rule editor are as required

  3. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the database.dat line will be highlighted.
  4. Go to your garden and you can now use any wallpaper and floor. Saves too. 
  5. You will have the Default Garden Wallpaper and Default Garden Floor in your inventory if you ever want to change it back =D 
  6. Note: If you are still unsure of how to replace, read the Fiddler Tutorial first! It will help you out.
  7. For those who wants to do it themselves for future version of databases, just change all the baseType="FloorBase" to baseType="GardenFloorBase" and
    baseType="WallpaperBase" to baseType="GardenWallpaperBase" in database.dat

Tutorials to editing .dat files [ Link ]


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