Tuesday, December 7

CityVille Coins Cheat v2

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

  • Charles
  • Firefox
  • Follow my steps closely

Credits: Slax@farmvilleguru.proboards.com

  1. Open Charles.
  2. Enter CityVille (play now)
  3. Make sure you can see both CityVille and Charles on your monitor screen as the timing as to be FAST.
  4. Find the line "fb-client-0.cityville.zynga.com"  visit www.pwnthis.net for more cheats.
  5. Expand it, and expand flashservice/ 
  6. You should see some gateway.php.
  7. Collect your rent and money from the businesses. Coins and Stars will drop out.
  8. Notice your TOP RIGHT hand corner of the game. As you click on these coins and stars, there is a BONUS bar. The moment this bonus bar has the word "EXCELLENT", quickly right click any gateway.php and select Breakpoints.  visit www.pwnthis.net for more cheats.
  9. You will notice in the game you will get 30bonus coins. If done correctly, a breakpoint tab will now appear in Charles. visit www.pwnthis.net for more cheats.
  10. Find for this amount "30" as shown in the image below.
  11. Change it to 500,000 or LESSER. Don't be too greedy as a huge value will not work. 
  12. This definitely works so if 500,000 doesnt work for you, use a smaller value like 20,000. 
  13. Click EXECUTE 2 times. Clear the breakpoint from the gateway.php
  14. Refresh CityVille and you should see your new coins.  visit www.pwnthis.net for more cheats.



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