Thursday, October 28

Restaurant City - TigerZZ RC Tool

Download required files [ download me first ]//wait timer, click download click download. Any issues, try on another browser first before commenting.

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • download RC tool from the links above
  • firefox/chrome/ie
  • Flash 10.1r85 
 Some were saying the values in the previous tool was no longer working, so Tigerzz has updated it for you guys.

Credits: TigerZZ - updated 27th October 2010

  1. Go into Restaurant City
  2. Restaurant should be open, serving dishes to customers. 
  3. Download RC tool (link above) and extract everything to desktop. You will need winRAR to extract.
  4. Open RCCheat.exe
  5. Select English or Spanish or Mandarin depending on your preferred language. Steps will be for English mode.
  6. Skip - You saw this steps on
  7. Select Browser.
  8. Click Low-scan. Give it about 1-2minutes of scanning to get all buttons clickable.
    if buttons still not clickable, serve some dishes first. Then Click Scan/Low-scan again
  9. Once scanning is done, select the cheats that you want!And you can just leave it, sleep, go out, wadever.
  10. This is much more stable than Piaip's tool as it does not seem to crash your flash plugin. 
  11. Quiz answers are given too and you can use the speedhack in the tool to pause your quiz timer.



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