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How to Compile your own databases

Pet Society .dat de/compressor [ download]

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Download required compressor/decompressor
  • Basic xml/html knowledge to understand how to edit your own database.
  • Brains
  • Fiddler2 to capture database url 

This is a Pwnthis Tutorial.  
As I am still getting lots of emails and comments on making your own database. I have decided to share this AGAIN. Yes, it was shared once in one of my many posts but as I'm to lazy to find it. I shall remake this tutorial. Do note that if you changed anything that is not supposed to change, your game will not load and it will be stuck at the loading screen.

I know that there are other decompressors out there and this is not made by me, just that I have customized it to my liking. :D 

  1. You will need fiddler to capture the latest database.dat from Playfish. They update it weekly and you will always need the latest version for the cheats to work.
  2. Always clear browser cache if the database activities are not appearing in Fiddler. [Fiddler Tutorial on clearing Browser cache]
  3. Open fiddler
  4. Use Chrome or Firefox (Firefox users, you will need to ensure traffic is forced to fiddler)
  5. Enter the game.
  6. Once the game is loaded, you should get something like this image where all the server files and their location are listed.
  7. For Pet Society, you will be finding for database.dat and if you want to edit the shops, search for ShopMystery or any other shops as you like.
  8. For Restaurant City, you will be finding for restaurant.bin for the interior and front.bin for the exterior. There are many other .bin files for you to explore too.
  9. So basically you will right click these lines in fiddler, select Copy > Just URL
  10. Paste it in your browser and you will be prompted to save the database file on your desktop. 
  11. Now, download the database decompressor from my links above.

    For Pet Society Decompressor:
  12. Click Decompress and select the .dat file.
  13. If you select a correct .dat file, an .xml version of the database will be generated and saved in the same folder.
    If you get a "this file is read-only" error, just right click the .dat, go to Properties and untick the Read-only option, then click OK and you can decompress it now.
  14. Now you will use any XML reader to open the generated .XML file (duhs, i read the comments and I am amazed some of you are using the xml reader to open the .dat file -.-). I recommend NotePad++ [click to download NotePad++]
  15. You can now easily edit the file. Once you are finished with editing, just click on Compress in the tool and select this XML file. 
  16. A new copy of .dat file will be saved. This is your OWN database now. 
  17. Simply use Fiddler and replace it and load the game. [Fiddler Tutorial to replace databases]
  18. If you have edited it correctly, the game will definitely load. If you realise that the loading is taking forever, chances are you've made a bad editing to the database.  
Alright, I hope my tutorial helps. This is 100% written by


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