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Pet Society // Instant Trees by nofil2000

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Credits: nofil2000

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

Steps for Instant Growing Trees
  1. Use Fiddler to replace database.dat and shopGarden2105.dat 
    [Click if you need Detailed steps on replacing databases with fiddler]
  2. Fiddler is ON
  3. Log in using Secondary Account 
  4. Go to Garden Shop 
  5. Select the tree you want and then click on it 
  6. Select buy as gift and send the tree seed to your main account 
  7. Fiddler is OFF (very important) 
  8. Log in using Main account and plant the seed you just received and it will grow instantly to the selected tree
Steps for Moving Tree
  1. Use Fiddler to replace database.dat and shopGarden2105.dat
  2. Fiddler is ON
  3. Log in and go to the garden 
  4. Click on your chest 
  5. Now you can drag your trees any where . you can also put them in your chest and later drag them into different room


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