Thursday, March 11

Mafia Wars Secrets

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Right on the heels of Farmville Secrets, this is another e-book that is currently sold by the author at a price of $19USD.

But thanks to AIDy, readers of pwnthis can learn the secrets of Mafia Wars for FREE. As again, the contents of the pdf file seems very basic and i would say only Beginners or Newbies playing the game will need it. But hey, the author is selling it for $19 for this piece of petty information so I'm just going to share it with you people who had the intention of purchasing this e-book but is not willing to pay for it :p

What I feel the author has done is very misleading and it's unfortunate if any of you really paid for the e-book. There was nothing about cheating the system, just very basic information that we can easily learn.

Download your free copy of Mafia Wars Secret:

Note: You will need a PDF reader to open the e-book. Download a free copy of PDF reader here:


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