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Fish World // 3 in 1 cheat (coins/cash/exp)

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Follow steps carefully or it wouldn't work for you! You will be able to change your Coins, Cash and Exp with this cheat. (working as of 24Jan). This cheat is similar to Garden World as it is by the same company. For video tutorial, check here.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):

  • Charles 3.4.1 (download)
  • Firefox
  • Flash 10
  1. Open Charles (you will need Java to be able to use this program)
  2. Go into FishWorld (click to play)
  3. In Charles, you will see this url ''   (it may not be 48 but some other digits)
  4. Expand > Expand 'amfphp-don/'
  5. You may see a few 'gateway.php (FishWorld.remote)'
  6. Check the top 'gateway.php' and click Response. If you can see stuff like coins, bucks, experience, adoptionList, you are on the correct track, else Restart from Step 1 :p
  7. Right click this gateway.php and select "Breakpoints"
  8. Now refresh Fish World. The game will freeze on the loading.
  9. Charles will either blink or pop up. You should now see a "Breakpoint" tab in Charles.
  10. Click EXECUTE.
  11. An 'Edit Response' appears. Click it! 
  12. Click AMF
  13. Now you can edit the data such as Coins, Exp, Bucks.
  14. Once you are satisfied with the amount, remove the Breakpoint you set at the Gateway.php earlier.
  15. Then click the Breakpoint tab > Click Execute at the bottom right window. 
  16. If you have followed the steps, Garden World will now load with your new coins,exp, bucks.. Spend them NOW! Purchase cash items, expand your garden 
  17. Click 'Log Off' in Fish World before you close it. Upon refresh the coins, bucks remains



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