Tuesday, December 8

Pet Society // Auto Jump version 3

Firstly, click here to Play Pet Society
This cheat CANNOT be left overnight. The speed gradually increases and results in a really fast coin earning situation which will result in a Mayor.

 Credit: Anngeel


  • flash 9 (download in Tools section)  this does not work for flash 10
  • ce 5.5
  • browser 
  1. Go into Pet Society
  2. Skip on rope
  3. In ce5.5, select browser, tick hex, 8bytes, asrom
  4. Scan "7589544F8B01C083". 1 address returned.
  5. Right click > Disassemble this memory region
  6. You'll see this line 'add eax,01'. Change it to 'add eax,00'
  7. New scan "DC5D8B0000001C85". 1 address returned.
  8. Right click > Disassemble this memory region
  9. Go up a few lines and you will see this line 'or eax,02'. Change to 'or eax,00'
  11. Now skip, every skip gets you a coin. You cannot leave it overnight as the skipping process gets Faster and Faster which will result in a Mayor. BUT what you can do is, visit a friend, go back to your house and continue skipping again. The skipping will start from slow again and gradually become faster.  


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