Friday, December 11

Farmville // 100% Golden Chicken [tested & working]

Note: Make sure your FVcash value is LESSER than the cost of the golden chicken. Else you may accidently waste your FVcash.

Credits: Aaron Yao. Special thx to freesw4u

Click to play Farmville

Tools required:
  • ce5.5
  • firefox
  • fast fingers

  1. You will need 1 chicken coop (5000) and 2 dairy farm (10,000)
  2. Open the above image in a new tab for a bigger view
  3. Building 1 will have 2 cows. Building 2 will have 0 cows. Make sure both buildings do not have the harvest pink arrow above them.
  4. Now click on Building 1 > Look inside
  5. Click 'Use' on any cow and click on Building 2.
  6. Now Building 2 has 1 cow and Building 1 has 1 cow.
  7. Go visit a friend and return to your farm. Building 2 should have a harvest pink arrow above it now.
  8. Now in ce5.5, scan your current EXP (value: Double). 1 result returned (if not, do something to gain exp and next scan till only 1 address remains)
  9. Double click the address and add '+ 80' at the end of it.  (xxxxxxx+80)
    The value will now show your FVcash value.
  10. Change the FVcash value to 100.
  11. Now in Farmville, move your Farmer far away from Building 2.
  12. Click building 2, collect milk. The farmer will be walking over. In the meantime, go to market and buy a golden chicken.
  13. Impt step: Wait until the harvesting of the milk is 100%, immediately click the golden chicken into the Chicken Coop. It has to be 100% when you click the golden chicken into the Coop.
  14. Wait for error in-sync message to pop-up. Click Accept. Golden Chicken will be in the Coop on refresh.
    Video by HEHEWOOT


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