Sunday, August 23

Yoville Cheat // EXP and COIN

Click HERE to play.

I used: firefox, flash 9.0, wpe pro. (links can be found at "Useful Downloads" above the chatbox)
Turn off your anti-virus when downloading/using WPE PRO. BUT if you are afraid as it is detected as a virus, you have the choice of not downloading it.

1. Go into Yoville.
2. In WPE pro, select firefox as target and press the PLAY BUTTON to start scanning.
3. In Yoville, challenge someone to a game of tic-tac-toe.
4. Lose the game on purpose.
5. Stop scan in WPE.
6. Find for this code:
7. Change the "result":0 to "result":1
8. Select continuously and Press PLAY. Watch as the exp and coins increase.

I believe there is a limit to how much you can get per day. So it kinda stops increasing after a while. Try it again 24hours later


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