Sunday, August 23

[UPDATED] Pet Society Cheat // Betting Race Money with Maxdik autoracer

Note: This is only an UPDATE to the current Pet Society race cheat. Previously i told you guys to use a mouse recorder, however Maxdik has made a Autoracer which is much better hence i am updating this cheat. Have fun! The autoracer is in chinese btw :p Will upload a video later

{ click to play

You need:

  • ce 5.5
  • maxdik pet society AUTORACER (download) download all 3 parts and open with winrar (google for it -.-)
  • firefox
  • flash 9
1. Sell something in Pet Society
2. Select firefox as process, tick hex, 8bytes, tick asrom
3. Scan "840FFF85C12A0FF2"
4. 1 address found. Disassemble it.
5. Scroll up to this line "add esp,0c"
6. Click Tool > Auto assemble > Template > Code injection > OK
7. Scroll down the code and you will see this line "originalcode:"
8. There will be 2 lines of code below this "originalcode". REPLACE THE 2 LINES OF CODE WITH THIS:

add esp,0c
je play9fish
mov [ebp-18],3E8

mov ecx,[ebp-18]

9. Click EXECUTE > OK

Now you can decide what you want to do. You can either go to stadium for autobet, visit a friend and get 1000 coins immediately. Do not repeat too many times as the mayor will appear.

10. Now in PS, go to stadium.
11. It is not 100% win but when you win, you get 1000 coins.
12. Use MAXDIK Pet Society AUTORACER.
- key in the number of times you want it to autobet.
- only the autobet is useful, autorace isnt easy to win as the clicks are out of sync causing you to fall.
13. You may lose some races but winning 1000coins with only 5coins is still a very good deal.


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