Sunday, August 9

Roller Coaster Kingdom EXP cheat

If you're unable to find this code, replay the scanning of packets again. I usually just get 280packets to find both EXP and COIN codes. This is with the RCK OPEN in firefox ONLY. You should try closing all other tabs in firefox to get a less packets returned.

For EXP cheat, do the same steps as the COIN cheat in my previous post.

However look out for this code instead. (or something similar, it depends on the amount of rides you have)


This code is not easy to find. If you can't find it, leave the scanning of packets to run abit longer before stopping. It should be found near the bottom of all the results.

As usual, right click the code and select SEND

Change all the "count":1 --------> "count":9

Select "continuously" and PLAY. Watch your EXP increases. HAVE FUN :)


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