Wednesday, August 19

Pet Society Cheat // Recycle Money Cheat by Patiniox

You will need: firefox, flash 9, ce5.5 (Go to Useful Downloads in my menu to download them)

1. Make sure your recycle points is close to the nearest trophy reward. EXAMPLE: Environmentalist requires 20,000 recycle points. Stop at around 19,000 points.

2. Brush your pet.

3. Buy an item. Hint: Buy an apple is the cheapest.

4. Open your CE 5.5, select firefox as process, TICK HEX, 8 bytes, ALSO SCAN READ-ONLY MEM

5. Scan "110FF2D045590FF2"

6. 1 address found. Copy that address and paste it in the generator below.

7. Scan "7D8B000005B38F0F"

8. 1 address found. Copy that address and paste it in the generator below.

9. Click ENVIAR and copy out all the codes generated.

10. In CE, click Tools > Auto Assemble.

11. Paste the codes and click EXECUTE.

12. Now brush/soap your pet and get some easy coins.

13. Visit a friend, recycle an item that gives you MORE points than required to get the trophy. EXAMPLE: You need 500 more recycle points to get your recycle trophy. Recycle any item that gives MORE than 500 recycle points.

14. Click it 5 times. If you see nothing happening, GOOD, YOU'RE DOING IT CORRECTLY. After 5 clicks, click on the "X" to close the window.

15. Now you will see an announcement that you have got the recycle trophy. There will be 5 of
such announcements. As you click OK, you will get the coins.

16. Repeat steps 13 - 15 if you want more coins. HAVE FUN. video laterrrr.


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