Thursday, August 13

Pet Society Cheat // EXP cheat

< To play Pet Society You will need

Step1: Select firefox.exe as your ce process
Step2: In Pet Society, play Skipping Rope
Step3: On the left side of the screen, is the number of times you skipped. Stop at 5 skips.
Step4: You will see that your EXP increased by 1 point.
Step5: Now scan for '840FFF85C12A0FF2' (hex, 8bytes, ascrom)
Step6: You should get 2 addresses. Or more.
Step7: Disassemble the addresses to find the correct 1.
Step8: After disassembling, you will see this line 'cvtsi2sd xmm0,xmm1'
Step9: Scroll UP 2 lines to find
add esp,0c

mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step10: If you can't find this 2 lines, try another address. You must find this 2 lines for the cheat to work.
Step11: Select the line 'add esp,0c'
Step12: Click Tools > Auto Assemble > Template > Code Injection > OK
Step13: Scroll down to add

mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step14: Add this line in between those 2 lines to make it:
add esp,0c

mov [ebp-14],186A0
mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step15:Execute > OK
Step16: Skip on the rope 5 times. You will gain 100k EXP. Have fun!


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