Monday, August 17

Pet Society Cheat // Change your pet's colour!

Firstly, Click on the colourful/text banner at the end of this post! =D Let it load and you can close it. Thanks! Will do my best in updating the latest cheats for everyone.

Now back to changing your pet's color.
Change your pet's color to something rare and uncommon!

1. Firstly, change your pet's color to this (watch the mouse cursor)>>
2. Scan "405b8b" (4bytes, tick hex) in Cheat Engine.
3. A few addresses will be found.
4. Change your pet's color again to another color.
5. Only 1 address will be different now. That is the address we want!
6. Double click that address.
7. Go to html color and choose the color you want. Copy out the 6 digit color code.
8. Go back to cheat engine, right click the address you found, "Change record > Value"
9. Replace the last 6 digit of that value with the color code that you want.
10. Now go back to your house and you should see the new color.


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