Friday, August 7

[Facebook] Farkle Dice Game Cheat

For those dice game lovers out there, facebook has this game called Farkle

How to play:
The idea of the game is to get as much points as possible in 10 rounds. Avoid getting Farkled as that means you get 0 points.
You score points according to the above chart. You need a minimum of 300 to be able to save the points

How to cheat:
(requires cheat engine 5.5) Credits: Abckagen

1. Select firefox/IE as your process
2. Play 1 round of farkle. The points you got for that round, multiply it by 8.
Example: You got 300 points for that round. (300 x 8 = 2400)
3. Scan 2400(or whatever value you got from multiplying 8) [exact value, 4bytes]
4. Alot of values will be found.
5. Play your 2nd round of farkle. The points will be accumulated in your total score. Now take the new total score and multiply by 8. Scan this value. You should only find ONE value. If not, keep doing the same till you have ONE value.
6. Edit this value to any multiples of 8. (make it a large value which can be divided by 8 to ensure proper scoring of points, meaning if you edit it to 80,000, your new points is 10,000)
7. Continue playing farkle, you will notice the newly edited points.


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