Wednesday, August 12

Country Story // Trophy Cheat

Gain trophies easily.

I did this cheat using:

  • firefox (works on ie7 too. just tested it)
  • flash 9
  • cheat engine 5.5
Select firefox.exe in the CE process list.

1. Water a crop OR take a stone/wood from a friend's farm

2. Scan 'F685DC758B104389' (Hex, 8 bytes, ASROM)

3. Only 1 address found. Disassemble it.

4. Scroll a few codes up and you will see this line " mov ecx,[ebp-1c]"

5. Select this line (left click it!)

6. Go to Tools --> Auto assemble --> Template --> Code injection --> OK

7. You will see a paragraph of codes.

8. Change these
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov edx,[ecx+10]
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov [ecx+10],186a0
mov edx,[ecx+10]
(for the smarter ones, it means inserting that middle line between the 2 codes)

9. Click EXECUTE.

10. Now watch your trophies coming in as you
  • water a plant
  • plow a ground
  • collect crops
  • visit friends
  • etc
PS: Corn trophy seems to disappear at lvl 3.
Credits nofil2000


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