Monday, August 10

Country Story // New EXP cheat

Gain 2000 exp easily. You can only do it once so make sure you save the game (step 8-step9) before making your next 2000exp. Just follow these steps.

You will need:

  • firefox
  • flash player 9.0 (this cheat does NOT work with flash 10)
  • ce 5.5
Step1: Do anything that gains EXP points
Step2: Scan "FC2444C7C1580FF2" (hex, 8bytes, ascrm)
Step3: A few addresses will be found. Only one will end with a digit 4. That is the address you want!
Step4: Right click, disassemble
Step5: You will see this line "addsd xmmo, xmm1". Right click it and "Change Register at this Location"
Step 6: Tix EBX and insert value "7D0" (seven dee zero)
Step 7: Now do anything that gains EXP and you will get 2000.
Step 8: Now click on Define Style in Country Story. It will save your game.
Step 9: Do anything to gain EXP and you will get another 2000. You will need to enter Define Style and change something to save before you can gain another 2000 points.

Have fun!
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