Tuesday, August 4

[NOT WORKING ANYMORE =( ] Country Story Cheats // Unlimited stone/wood PART 2

This is a quicker way to gather up wood/stone. credits to patiniox!
You can now gather HUNDREDS of wood/stone in SECONDS!

1. Using cheat engine 5.5, select your internet browser as the process
2. Pick up wood or stone, depending on which material you want to be unlimited
3. Scan E845890000000AB8 (tick hex, also scan read only, 8 bytes)
4. Copy the ADDRESS of the result found (only 1) and paste it into the code generator and click Enviar.

5. Copy and paste the result from the generator into the bottom panel of the cheat engine (workspace of cheat engine, the huge blank area)

6. A line "C.S W/S Collect Hack" will appear. Tick that!

7. As you move, the game will FREEZE. don't worry it means the cheat is working. You will gain control of your mouse eventually.

8. When u untick the code, you will be amaze at the number of material you have gained!


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