Monday, August 3

[fixed] Country Story Cheat // unlimited wood

You will need Mozilla firefox, flash player 9 and CE 5.5

credits youon9 and 水星人 for finding this great cheat

1. After selecting the country story process, pick up a stone/wood.
2. Search 00000004B86C4189 (tick hex, 8bytes, tick also scan read-only)
3. Only 1 value will be found
4. Disassemble this value
5. A few lines down will have a line "jmp XXXXXXXXXX"
6. Select this line and press DEL key on your keyboard
7. Click OK on the popup
8. Now your stone/wood will not disappear. Use a mouse clicker to make things easier :)
9.You can find the link to a mouse recorder in my previous post.


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