Saturday, August 8

Country Story Cheat // Unlimited Farm Land [do not try, seems like you'll get banned]

Credits to 45643

For those of you who want the entire area to be a farmplot, you can try out this cheat. Be warned however that you will NOT be able to reverse the process as there isn't any way to remove a farmplot yet.

You will need:
firefox/ie, cheat engine 5.5, flash 9

Step 1: Select firefox/ie as the process.

Step 2: Using the Photobucket tool, either make a new farmplot or remove the roots of a harvested plant.

Step 3: Scan 75FFE85DDD0CC483 (tick hex, 8bytes, also scan read-only)

Step 4: Only 1 address should be found. (if no address is found, try walking around and using the Photobucket tool again. Then scan again until 1 address is returned.

Step 5: Right click this address and disassemble it.

Step 6: A few lines below the whole chunk of codes, you will see this line "jmp XXXXXXXX"

Step 7: Right click it and select "Change register at this location"

Step 8: Tick EAX and input 999 as the value.

Now you can Photobucket as many farmland as you want, regardless of your level. Just remember that this process is not reversible.


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