Monday, August 10

Country Story Cheat // Free Dog

When you reach level 8, you will get a quest "Man's Best Friend"
This quest gives you a dog which will "protect" your crops. With this cheat, you can complete this quest without having 15 friends with 100friendship points.

Using CE 5.5, flash 9, firefox

Step 1: Open the "Man's Best Friend" quest
Step 2: Scan 4E8B10438B104389 (hex, 8ybtes, asrom)
Step 3: Only 1 address found, disassemble it
Step 4: Right click this line "mov [ebx+10] eax"
Step 5: Select "Change register at this location"
Step 6: Tick EAX and insert "f" as the value. Press OK
Step 7: Open the dog quest again and you will get the dog.

Remember, you will only get this quest at level 8.

Credits nofil2000


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