Saturday, July 11

How To Set Up A Computer

A Do-It-Yourself Computer is always better than purchasing it from those branded companies like Dell, Compaq, HP, etc. I would know better as I have been building up my own machine for a long time and has also helped friends to set up their own computer. It's really simple and cheap to set up a future-proof machine.

You get to choose the specifications that you desire at a low price. These videos here will teach you what are the parts you need to set up your own computer.

Firstly, you must always get these parts:

  • Motherboard (to hold all the parts together)
  • CPU (the brain)
  • Chassis/Casing (Exterior protection)
  • Power Supply 
  • Graphic Card (to run the latest games)
  • RAM (I recommend 2x2gb) DDR2 is fine unless you are rich and want a DDR3
  • Harddisk. (1 TB is huge and cheap enough)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard/Mouse
Now just follow these videos and you are on your way to setting up your own computer.

Step 1: Setting it all up. You do not need the static band, just connect your Power Supply to a power (do not have to switch on) and touching it will Earth yourself.

Step 2: Mounting Power Supply, CPU, Heat-Sink Fan, RAM, MotherBoard

Step 3: Connecting case wires to motherboard and DVD drive

Step 4: Wiring up the computer

Step 5: How to install a PCI-E graphic card

Step 6: Installing your OS


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