Saturday, March 15

Busy with bitcoins mining

Hey everybody!

I know I have not been updating this site for a longgggggg time but well, I have been really busy setting up my own rig to mine cryptocurrencies for the last few months. Been mining a bit of bitcoins, litecoins and dogecoins. Here's a photo of my starting rig for mining. Had only 3 x 7970 but just increased it to 4 of it. All 4 cards running at around 850+ watts and optimized to around 2400 kilo hertz.

I'm using one of the better cards for mining with an awesome mining specified motherboard - The ASrock H81 Pro BTC. This card allows you to run 6 GPU without the need for powered riser cables. Pretty awesome I would say.

At the moment I am running the whole rig on a 1000W PSU but looking to hot-wire it with a secondary PSU to fully run up to 6 cards. That will be a mining beast.

Will probably post more if any of you guys are interested in mining bitcoins, otherwise you can follow the latest news in the bitcoins community and also tutorials on how to start mining your first coin at Coin Mining Market . More tutorials and "How to mine your first coin" information vault will be posted to let you start on your journey of virtual currency. Be your own bank - Print your own coins. Do note that there are many trading platforms where you can easily and securely trade your coins for US dollars. Here's an article on Trading BitCoins if you are interesting in knowing how to exchange these virtual coins for real money.

Saturday, March 15 by admin

Saturday, November 9

Baseball Heroes cheat

  • Download cheat for 32 bit OS [download][virus total: Clean] 6 false positives due to the structure of the file developed by a cheat-tool. 
  • Download cheat for 64 bit OS [download][virus total: Clean] 6 false positives due to the structure of the file developed by a cheat-tool.
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Cheating Tools Required: [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]

Using our baseball heroes cheats will ensure you be a champion every season.
Our homerun hits are 99.99% success. And with the correct tactics and strategy, you will be getting +4 home runs very often. You will level up quickly using the cheat as you will be the MVP every game, you will win  almost every game, you will get a "S" score almost every game. All these are EXP points that are extremely valuable!

To start using the cheat, follow the following steps :-

  1. Download Baseball heroes cheat engine file [links above]
  2. Enter baseball heroes [click to play]
  3. Open the cheat file.
  4. Select browser that you are using. Chrome.exe if you are using google chrome.
  5. Once attached, click continue and ENABLE all the 4 options. (Wait till the game is loading around 30-80%)
  6. Play Ball ! Home run 100% activated! Enjoy. :) 

Saturday, November 9 by admin

Kitchen Scramble Cheat Engine


  1. Download kitchen scramble cheat engine file [download]
  2. You will need cheat engine 6.3 to run this cheat. [download]
  3. Play Kitchen Scramble [play]
  4. Open the cheat file and select browser in the process list. 
  5. Tick all the 4 options while the game is loading. 
  6. Now you will have instant cooking and the hearts of the customers will never go down. Have fun! 
 Watch the video tutorial.

by admin

Friday, November 1

Ninja Zet Cheats

  1. Play Ninja Zet [click to play]
  2. Download cheat file from the links above.
  3. Enter the game and let it load finish.
  4. Open the cheat using Cheat Engine and select the browser process. 
  5. Select all the cheats and activate all of them by pressing the spacebar. 
  6. Cheat includes:
    • Idle enemy
    • Infinite CP
    • Critical hit 100%
    • Power 1000
    • Mobility 1000

    Have fun!


Friday, November 1 by admin

Sunday, September 29

Toy Defense Coins Cheat

  1. Open Cheat Engine and select the browser in the process list.
  2. Enter Toy Defense [click to play]
  3. When the game is loading, Enable speedhack, change the value to 0 and click Apply.
  4. The loading will now pause.
  5. Change value type to array of byte and scan 21 66 1b 27
  6. Only 1 address found.
  7. Change the value to 21 66 1b 26
  8. Change speedhack back to 1 and apply so the game continues loading.
  9. Now go play any missions.
  10. Then press the SETTINGS icon
  11. You will now see a button "Get Money" 
  12. Click on it and you will get unlimited money to purchase soldiers for your defense. 
  13. Have fun!

Sunday, September 29 by admin

C.H.A.O.S Hack Infinite Coins and Cash

C.H.A.O.S  a really fun helicopter simulator game that allows you to control a helicopter and blast the chaos out of your enemies.

With this cheat, you will have infinite coins and cash to upgrade your helicopter!
  1. Enter the game. [play CHAOS]
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select the last 'plugin-container.exe' (Firefox users only)
  4. 4 bytes and first scan "49000" (That's the first helicopter in the shop)
  5. A few addresses return. Wait till about 2-4 addresses is left.
  6. Change the value to -9999999
  7. Buy the negative priced helicopter now and you will gain $$ for buying items and upgrades!
  8. You will now have millions!
Start buying the items in the shop and upgrades. You will notice that your cash will increase as well when you purchase these upgrades. See video tutorial !

by admin


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